NHI serves the aerospace industry

Quality components for Aeronautics:

  • Machined Ferrules
  • Flexible fluid couplings
  • Machine Components
  • Stamped Components
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Many others...

NHI has been an innovator in the metal and mechanical assembly industry for over 50 years. The NHI name is synonymous with quality, on-time delivery and a team that will effectively communicate and help solve your unique manufacturing and sourcing challenges. We regularly work with companies on new programs that fulfill the most demanding requirements.

Choose NHI for value and concurrent engineering assistance to help you conquer your manufacturing and sourcing challenges. Multiple capabilities under one roof gives you one supplier to leverage for improved quality and cost.

From a broad range of experience across multiple cost competitive industries, NHI knows what makes aerospace different. We understand the stringent quality requirements, process and documentation control, as well as the lot traceability that aerospace requires. With many cost competitive processes under one roof, we can bring you value where you need it most.

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