• Auto & Marine Lifts

    Cable guide & safety system pulleys and assemblies.
  • Elevators & Escalators

    Safety system pulleys, motor & track pulleys and assemblies.
  • Forklifts

    Cable guide pulleys, misc. brackets and assemblies.
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Just a few...of the many applications our products go into



Precision motion control pulleys, assemblies and misc. components.


Small Engines

Rugged pulleys, brackets and assemblies.


Electric Motors

Durable pulleys and assemblies.



Pulleys, brackets and assemblies for every application.



Our pulleys range in size from a thumbnail to a car tire.



High quality corrosion resistant synchronous pulleys.


On-Site Engineering

Our on-site experts include stamping engineers, molding engineers, bearing engineers and manufacturing engineers with a vast array of experience including aerospace.


Exceptional Quality/Delivery

All of our products, domestic and globally sourced, no matter the manufacturing facility, are supported by our industry tested and industry trusted supply chain. Our highly experienced production and quality teams ensure you get what you want, when you want it.