• Our Mission

    We strive to be the premier global manufacturer of rugged mechanical power transfer products primarily to original equipment manufacturers. We achieve this by exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality, service, delivery, and value.
  • Operating Principles

    1. Make our customers 100% successful
    2. Make our employees 100% successful
    3. Maintain a safe and clean work environment
    4. Operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner
    5. Excellence in communication
  • 4-3-2-1

    4 Production Plants. 3 Countries. 2 Continents. 1 Focus.
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Assembly, Injection Molding, Machining, Split Forming, Stamping, Riveting & Welding 

Idler & Drive Pulleys, Engine Pulleys, Jackshaft Assemblies, Sprockets, Machined Components, Stampings, Spindles


Broaching, Hobbing, Machining, Milling

Timing Pulleys, Machined Components, Assemblies



Assembly, Machining, Split & Spin Forming, Stamping, Welding

Idler & Drive Pulleys, Engine Pulleys, Jackshaft Assemblies, Poly-v Pulleys, Blade Adapters, Brackets

Manufacturing SitesEver expanding capabilities for ever expanding markets


New Hampshire

Founded in 1960

Claremont, New Hampshire, USA

137,000sq ft building

70+ employees

Processes: split forming, stamping, injection molding, assembly & welding and machining

Products: idler & drive pulleys, engine pulleys, jackshaft assemblies, sprockets, components and misc. assemblies



Founded in 1983

Horicon, Wisconsin, USA

45,000sq ft building

40+ employees

Processes: split forming, stamping, assembly & welding and riveting

Products: idler & drive pulleys



Launched 2009

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

13,000sq ft building

30+ employees

Process: machining, hobbing and milling

Products: timing pulleys, machined components and assemblies



Partnership since 2000

Qiansuo, Jiaojiang, Zhejiang, China

60,000sq ft building

100+ employees

Processes: split & spin forming, stamping, assembly & welding and machining

Products: idler & drive pulleys, engine pulleys, jackshaft assemblies, poly-v pulleys, blade adapters, brackets and misc. assemblies



ISO9001 certified since 1998. Our systems are built on our broad experience base with industries like outdoor power equipment, automotive and aerospace.



Our delivery performance is industry leading and backed by a solid team of industry experts and senior management with a keen focus on our customers' success.

Corporate Headquarters 35 Connecticut Riverbend Place
Claremont, NH 03743